Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yummy Wednesday!

  1. It's been really miserable weather today and since going for a walk out in the cold with an umbrella didn't seem tempting enough I suggested Jay and I go to the library. Jay had been feeling a little lonely with her big sister being away on a school trip for the whole day and therefore a bit moody. It may be a small local library with not that many new editions but the shelf with children's picture books is still a territory we haven't been able to explore in detail and with a couple of wooden toys to entertain the kids while the parent scan the books are the things that make it a very interesting place for Jay so she was eager to come along. Who says you can't chase the rain away...?
  2. I have followed one of the rules from the first chapter of the Happiness Project book and practically emptied a drawer in my kitchen in a matter of minutes. It had been crammed with pieces of papers and small items that really had nothing to do there except that it had been the easiest thing to just throw them into the drawer to clean up the counter. It was incredibly easy but I guess the hard part is keeping it that way.
  3. I couldn't resist Lindt milk chocolate with whole nuts tonight. And I didn't even feel bad about having ate it. If there is anybody out there who has the mildest idea about what chocolate I am referring to (yup, it is that 150 g big tablet with extra big-big nuts!) then she or he will know it is a must-eat treat that shouldn't be shared with anyone...!

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