Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunny Day!

  1. sun
  2. nuts
  3. happy children's faces
My experience from yesterday was so good I thought I'd make it a weekend habit. Lunch at noon, sharp, and another 2-hour family hike. We chose not to drive any place but to simply stay in the neighbourhood. We descended down to the main road, then we took the first macadam road with no traffic where we were able to move around freely. Finally my older daughter got all my attention so she could summarize the movie she had last seen at the cinema, while her little sister took her time to throw pebbles into the stream we had just crossed with Daddy. We broke the nuts we had picked by the side of the road that obviously nobody wanted to pick because they were lying all over the ground beneath the tree, added a few raisins from our bag and had a sip of tea from the bottles we had taken along, and we felt energized again to walk further down the road and then up the slopes to get back home. What a glorious day!


  1. Meri, that sounded like a delightful family day. We used to do such things with our girls too when they were younger. I'm following now.Would love it if you followed on my blog too. You are almost a neighbor to me. Anyone this side of the Atlantic feels that way to me since so many of my swaps go overseas.
    Coleenfranks in Ukraine
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