Why Count to 3?

Count to 3 when getting ready to take a leap (“Ready! Steady! Go!”).

Count to 3 when you feel extremely annoyed and ready to burst but by slowly counting 1- 2 - 3 (or better by counting to 10) you can keep the pressure down and reconsider your reaction.

Count to 3 to get things done super quickly: 1-2-3-done!

Don't count to 3 and let minutes, hours, days, years slip by thinking: “As soon as I get this and this done and when this is over with, I can pay more attention to… dedicate more time to… “.

In late Spring 2009 I was reminded that the countdown is not reversible, and that all the things I hadn’t done, seen, listened to, tasted, smelled, touched, felt are gone forever. Whatever opportunity to give & take I failed to seize were missed for good.

It took me a while to recover from the long storm but I think now I have both feet on the ground and I am fully present: I focus, listen with all ears, smell with a deep breath-in, taste the sweet and the sour, touch the smooth and the rough, and feel even when I don’t want to feel anything. That is what I try to do, starting a new every morning.

I can definitely count on experiencing 3 good things every day. And if there seem to be none, I create them.

Count to 3 with me.