Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

  1. Just as I thought problems at the office were going to ruin my day it was time to go home. The house was filled of music as Em was playing the piano and the next thing I know she was handing me her notebook with grades from her teacher of Slovene – another “plus” – one of many this school year - for her home assignment! What joy to be so good at a subject you love so much. Slovene is Em’s favorite subject. And the teacher of Slovene is her favorite teacher.
  2. Em got a beautiful postcard from Tallinn, Estonia, through Postcrossing. Towers, churches and other great old buildings behind a city wall. What a view! What a city!
  3. Tuesday evening is my pilates class as of this week. My abdominal muscles had no idea they were going to get a wake-up call! And it wasn’t even the exercise level that we are going for next time…! In the end there was a bonus for all participants: we got to listen to soft sound music in complete darkness lying on the gym floor and feeling really good about ourselves…!

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  1. I have been thinking about starting a post card collection for my children. I think it's such a nice idea.