Monday, October 4, 2010

What a Weekend!

  1. On Saturday morning our whole family went for the Dwarf’s Hike organized by our daycare centre. The lady educators prepared a nice performance in the woods about a dwarf who had lost his hat and was looking for it all over the place and meanwhile met many animals who needed help – and the children helped the animals by piling up dead leaves, collecting woods and stones. It was quite a nice hike (my second pre-jogging training this week!) that ended on top of the hill with pencakes, popcorn and roasted potatoes being served to the kids while they were painting scarves and gluing bear’s faces together.
  2. We have been to a house-warming party! This young couple had done lots of manual work themselves and created a very comfortable sanctuary on the top floor of the host’s parents’ house. I loved what the hostess - my cousin - had done with the kitchen wall – she had painted it with old colorful tiles!
  3. And I managed to say “no” to a piece of cake at a birthday party that my girls went to by going out for a walk instead. It was a 1-hour hike all the way to the river with dark clouds spreading across the grey sky and a wild wind in the trees’ tops. I felt energetic! (My third pre-jogging training. Hurray. My first week’s program accomplished.)

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