Friday, October 8, 2010

Heavy traffic Friday!

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I had hectic day at the office but in all that craziness I had something at the back of my mind that kept me going: an afternoon trip to Ljubljana, the capital city. Wandering the streets of the old downtown always fills me with energy and brings back memories of the time when I used to live here and meet with friends at the cafes or the movies. This time - unlike the past - I decided it would not be for meeting any old friends, nor to shop for any particular item or anything - it would be just for me. To pamper myself. And I did! I walked down the Miklosiceva Street and mounted the stairs in front of the Franciscan Church to be able to embrace the whole Preseren's Square and the Three Bridges - and I felt on top of the world! The paved square and the white column fence of the bridges were like glitter in the afternoon sun and I thought to myself: "Aaaa, I have forgotten how beautiful this place was!" Then I checked on a few bookstores. I was scanning books from the same table as some theater director I respect very much whom I found myself standing next to just as I reached for the latest book of poems by my favorite poet. With two books safe (and paid) in my purse I entered the Da Bu Da restaurant. I had a great view of the parliament building through the window and could watch the people passing by. Mommies in a hurry, street fashion protagonists, businessmen in dull suits, you name it... Meantime I was served Japanese and wrote two postcards to friends. I couldn't resist going for another stroll afterwards, passed the City Hall and down to the fairtrade shop and then back to the Preseren's Square with stars lit high above our greatest poet's statue and the church towers. I gently touched the stone fence to relive a memory that holds a special place in my heart - and realized it was time. Time to go home.

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