Tuesday, December 17, 2013

  1. I saw it on a Candid camera once how a lady entered a diner and it was all empty, nobody around to serve her, and all of a sudden the conveyor belt, set on a counter started moving and out of nowhere came glass bowls with ice-cream topped with whipped cream that would end up on the floor one by one, until the lady started removing the bowls from the belt. But the belt kept going faster and faster and the lady had to hurry more and more to prevent the bowls from dropping on the floor, and had no place to put the ice-creams anymore because there were so many and they just kept coming... She panicked, kept calling out for help but nobody came to her rescue… until “You are on Candid Camera…!”. I keep waiting for the crew to appear and shout “You are on Candid Camera!” here at the office. Imagining this happen cheers me up every time. There is lots of sarcasm behind this, surely. Same with the rubber ball that is still on my desk waiting to be dropped in Mrs. Boss’ office.
  2. I hand him pizza wrapped in foil, and a cup of hot coffee. He mumbles something, shivering from cold, the Lost Man I have seen walking by the side of the road so many times.
  3. My girl dancing on stage. I see her.

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