Monday, May 18, 2015

  1. I spend seven hours in retail, replenishing the fridges with dairy products, coating pizza doughs with tomato sauce, grated cheese and olives, and feeling great for being away from the office computers.
  2. I buy cakes, but then as I drive through her neighborhood I instantly decide to stop by to say hello and give the cakes to her. It is a good thing.
  3. There is a cool evening air coming down from the woods. Tall grasses in the meadow. Moist soil that had only been fertilized once in 11 years since we’ve lived here. Will I be still living here when the tomatoes are ripe, the tomatoes that I haven’t even planted yet. I don’t know. I remove another snail from the lettuce. I’ve dug almost a quarter of the vegetable garden and tomorrow there will be tomatoes growing there. Everything’s fine. The girls are inside and I can hear Jay’s piano playing. Everything’s fine.

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