Tuesday, May 5, 2015

  1. I lie, saying that “yes, I was at the pharmacy”. It’s a good lie because I don’t want her to worry.
  2. As Jay and I return from church we go up to Em’s room and Jay stays with her big sister. Later I find them lying on Em’s bed, laughing and embracing one another. Love.
  3. I clean up my bag of all the receipts and other unnecessary papers. I even find an umbrella buried somewhere beneath all that clutter. My bag is so much lighter now. I am lighter.

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  1. My school bag had gotten heavy from the sediment of the semester which had accumulated on the bottom. Today, before leaving the office, I spent a few minutes cleaning it out, and it felt good. And then I read your #3 for the day--hurray for fellow feeling across the many many miles. Wishing you well, as always--RR