Wednesday, August 12, 2015

  1. The second I stop the car in our driveway, Jay leaves her game and comes to me to give me a big hug.(And then she wants to know what activity I have planned out for the afternoon…Yep, hugging comes with a price: no napping time for parents during summer holidays.)
  2. Jay and I go on a biking tour down to the fish ponds and then cycle on to the playground next to the tennis court. A group of kids and some adults are having a training of some sort, and it turns out they are the local amateur firefighters. My cousin is among them and he is also the chef for the corn grill that follows. Jay has some sweet corn while we watch a little girl learn to play tennis. What a treat, what unexpected wonderful time we have!
  3. A late night call from Em. We are counting days to our reunion, yes, we are.

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