Wednesday, August 29, 2012

  1. I run into an acquaintance at the local library that I really like. She shares about her children, and I can see she is overwhelmed with feelings.
  2. Jay is looking forward to starting school so much that she is counting days. And she knows she will be making many new friends. Although she already has a friend, Becca. But Becca is different from her: her talking is very quiet. And I tell her that it is good that people differ from one another. Then she starts laughing and says: “Everybody should be the same! Everybody should be like ME!” She sees the fake astonishment on my face and responds with a big smile: “But you look like me.”
  3. First Jay reads rhymes from the book about Muri the cat, then Em joins her and they tease one another and bounce all over the big bed till it’s time to sleep.

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