Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday, so good to me

  1. The hilly eastern horizon is on fire with black tree-silhouettes in the foreground and a single star high above. Dawn.
  2. So nice to have the daylight stay with us longer. Jay and I are still able to walk to the library in the late late afternoon witnessing a sun-set in the most incredible shades of pink. It delights Jay so much that she does some of her abracadabra jiggles in the middle of our local road and tempts the sky to move closer so she can touch it with her hand. Then we descend further down the road holding our Lila Prap imaged-bag with children’s books each by one handle.
  3. One little boy climbing a ladder to reach for the dinosaurs’ book on the top library bookshelf and handing it down to another little boy. But then he realizes it is not the book he wanted and tries to put it back. That’s when I step in and he gratefully accepts my help.

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